Anker CB310 Full-Size Ergonomic Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Anker CB310 Full-Size Ergonomic Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo for Desktop with Water-Resistant and whisper-quiet Keyboard Design offers a precision keyboard and mouse for its users. Its ergonomic design encourages traditional users to switch because it helps them improve the form of their hands while using the keyboard.

On the other hand, the DPI settings of the mouse help the users to adjust the speed, especially when they need to read hundreds of pages within a single document.


  • Spill-resistant keyboard
  • Tilted angle
  • Soft-touch keys
  • Quiet keys
  • Independent hot keys
  • Programmed Multimedia keys
  • Slim design
  • Cord-free connection
  • Customize programmable buttons
  • Four level energy saver
  • DPI, adjustable in 3 levels (1000/1500/2000)


  • Keyboard is protected on unplanned beverage spill
  • Comfortable writing position
  • No pressure on fingertips
  • Record frequent key functions for easy access
  • Saves power on idle mode
  • Cable-free desktop and workspace

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With the Anker CB310, the peripherals specialist is bringing a bundle of wireless mouse and keyboard onto the market. My test shows whether Anker can also produce good accessories apart from power banks and cables

Anker CB310 Package Contents:

Anker CB310 package contents

Anchor CB 310

  • Full-size wireless keyboard optimized for Windows
  • 7-button wireless mouse with three preset DPI values

Technical details:

Anker CB310 wrist rest

Anker CB 310 – wrist rest

As already mentioned, the Anker CB310 is a no-frills wireless mouse and keyboard set. The radio frequency follows the 2.4 GHz standard. Both the rodent and the board are characterized by their ergonomic design – when typing longer articles, the user is happy about a padded palm rest. The keyboard is also fairly quiet and offers a pleasant pressure point.

Anker cb310 waterproof

Anker CB 310 – Waterproof keyboard

The peripheral set is powered by just two batteries, one AA for the mouse and one AAA for the keyboard. Despite this low demand for power cells, a very long operating time is achieved. Personally, I’ve been using the input devices regularly for a good month now and so far I haven’t noticed any latency problems, any dropouts or the like, even though I usually forget to press the on/off switch on the mouse. Anker knows a lot about energy.

Anker CB310 receiver

Anker CB 310 – slider and storage space for the receiver

Are you nuts?

When it comes to features, the Anker CB310 also scores highly. The keyboard is waterproof. This means that in the future I will be immune from coffee cup tipping attacks from my three velvet paws. There are also various multimedia keys that support the most common media players on both Windows and Mac. The three adjustable DPI levels (1000, 1500 and 2000) offer the right speed for everyone.

Anker cb310-2in1-nano-receiver

Anker CB 310 – The 2-in-1 nano receiver

The 2-in-1 nano receiver is quite well thought out. Not only is the fingernail-sized receiver – as the name suggests – intended for both mouse and keyboard, no: the best feature is that the thing is firmly held in a small storage space on the underside of the mouse. This makes it very difficult for even savvy slobs like me to lose the mini plug while traveling.

Anker CB310 – the conclusion:

At first I was really wondering how I should design the Anker CB310 test? I mean: what can a manufacturer screw up with standard budget peripherals that would really be worth criticizing? But in the case of the Anker CB310 wireless mouse and keyboard combo, that’s probably the completely wrong approach. With this bundle you have to ask, what could Anker have done better at this price? And the answer is very short: nothing. Long battery life, well-thought-out, ergonomic design, simplest plug-and-play

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