Phomemo Portable Printers Wireless for Travel,M832 Inkless Thermal Printer Support


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About this item

  • Phomemo 2024 Flagship Portable Printer – With 300dpi resolution, support print 2.08” to 8.5”x 11” US Letter thermal paper,picture, photo,receipts,contract, journal, note etc,M832 ink free mobile printer make a new print world for you.
  • Portable Printers Wireless for Travel – Built in 2600mAh rechargeable battery,1.5lb light and compact design,slide into backpack, breficase easily,business travel, print document for client,truck,car or vehicles shipping receipt, print anytime and anywhere with the mobile on the go printer
  • High Compatible Thermal Inkless Printer – Adopt newest thermal technology,Phomemo M832 portable printer only need thermal paper, pirnt without ink, toner or ribbons. The ink free slim compact printer compactible with Android 7, iOS 13 above Phone and tablet,Windows 7 and macOS 10 above laptop and computer (Note:mobile device connect via Bluetooth, laptop and computer connect via USB cable)
  • Easy to Setup Wireless Printer – Download “Phomemo” App on Google Play or App Store, one click to connect the small thermal portable printers via Bluetooth on the App,set the right thermal paper type, start the printing travle with the Phomemo portable compact printer.
  • Support 5 Size and 4 Type Paper – Design with thermal roll paper bin, the portable printer wireless support print 2.08inch(53mm), 3.14inch(80mm), 4.33inch(110mm), A4 and 8.5” x 11” US letter, tattoo transfer paper customized card, study note, image, to-do list, long banner, document ,tattoo image etc at home, school, office, travel for children,studen,client, tattoo artist etc

Introduction to Phomemo Portable Printers

In today’s fast-paced, digital world, having a reliable portable printer is essential, especially for professionals on the go. The Phomemo portable printers offer a versatile and efficient solution for all your printing needs. This product description delves into the unique features and benefits of the Phomemo M832 inkless thermal printer, which supports 8.5” x 11” US letter size paper.

Key Features of the Phomemo M832

The Phomemo M832 is designed with convenience and efficiency in mind. Its inkless thermal printing technology eliminates the need for traditional ink cartridges, reducing both the cost and the hassle associated with frequent replacements. This printer supports 8.5” x 11” US letter size paper, making it ideal for printing standard documents, presentations, and more.

Wireless Connectivity for Seamless Printing

One of the standout features of the Phomemo portable printers is their wireless connectivity. With Bluetooth and Wi-Fi support, you can easily connect your smartphone, tablet, or laptop to the printer without the need for cumbersome cables. This feature is particularly beneficial for travelers, allowing them to print documents anytime, anywhere.

Compact Design for Easy Travel

The Phomemo M832 is not only functional but also highly portable. Its compact design ensures that it can easily fit into your bag or luggage, making it the perfect companion for business trips or vacations. Weighing just a few pounds, this printer won’t add significant weight to your travel gear.


In summary, the Phomemo portable printers, particularly the M832 inkless thermal printer, are an excellent choice for anyone in need of a reliable and efficient printing solution while traveling. With its support for 8.5” x 11” US letter size paper, wireless connectivity, and compact design, this printer is poised to meet all your on-the-go printing needs.

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