TECSUN PL-380 DSP FM Stereo. MW. SW. LW. World Band PLL Radio Receiver, LCD Display, ETM Function Added

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Introduction to the Tecsun PL-380 DSP FM Stereo World Band PLL Radio Receiver

The Tecsun PL-380 DSP FM Stereo, MW, SW, LW World Band PLL Radio Receiver is a versatile and high-performance device designed to cater to the needs of radio enthusiasts. With its advanced digital signal processing (DSP) technology and a variety of features, this receiver ensures an exceptional listening experience across multiple bands.

Key Features and Specifications

The Tecsun PL-380 comes equipped with a range of features that make it a standout choice. The device includes an LCD display that provides clear and precise information about the current station and settings. Additionally, the Easy Tuning Mode (ETM) function simplifies the process of finding new stations by automatically scanning and storing them into memory. This feature is particularly useful for users who frequently travel and wish to explore local radio stations.

Other notable specifications of the Tecsun PL-380 include:

  • FM Stereo, MW, SW, LW band coverage
  • PLL synthesized tuning for greater accuracy and stability
  • High sensitivity and selectivity, thanks to DSP technology
  • Multiple tuning methods: manual, auto-scan, and ETM
  • Compact and portable design, perfect for travel

Performance and Usability

One of the primary advantages of the Tecsun PL-380 is its superior performance. The DSP technology enhances the receiver’s sensitivity and selectivity, allowing it to pick up weak signals with minimal interference. The PLL synthesized tuning system ensures that users can maintain precise frequency settings, resulting in a more stable and enjoyable listening experience.

The receiver’s user interface is designed for ease of use, with an intuitive layout and clearly labeled buttons. The LCD display provides essential information at a glance, making it easy to navigate and adjust settings as needed. Additionally, the Tecsun PL-380’s compact and lightweight design makes it an ideal companion for travel, allowing users to enjoy their favorite radio stations wherever they go.


In summary, the Tecsun PL-380 DSP FM Stereo, MW, SW, LW World Band PLL Radio Receiver is an exceptional choice for radio enthusiasts who value performance, usability, and portability. With its advanced DSP technology, comprehensive band coverage, and user-friendly design, this receiver offers an unparalleled listening experience. Whether you are at home or on the go, the Tecsun PL-380 is sure to meet your radio needs.

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