Tecsun PL-680 Portable High Full-band Digital Radio

Speaker specification diameter 77mm/impedance 16Ω/power 1W paper basin speaker

Headphone specification diameter 3.5mm/Ω stereo headset
The physical size is about 188x wide, 116x High, 31mm thick
Weight about 470g(No Including battery)

SKU: Tecsun PL-680 Radio

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Tecsun PL-680 Radio Portable High Sensitivity Full-band Digital Tuning Enthusiast Radio Tecsun PL680

PL-680Function description
It can receive FM stereo, medium wave, long wave, short wave, short wave single sideband (SSB) communication signals and aviation band signals, with high sensitivity, good selectivity, beautiful sound quality and convenient operation.
FM reception covers the range of 76-108MHz and can receive FM broadcasting frequencies from China, Europe, America and Japan, as well as some domestic Campus radio and TV sound.
●Short wave single sideband (SSB) is divided into upper side band (USB) and lower side band (LSB), which can be received independently.
●Amplitude modulation uses synchronous detection and secondary frequency conversion technologies to greatly improve the sensitivity, selectivity, and ability to resist image and adjacent frequency interference.
●Equipped with FM/HF external antenna socket and high/medium/low 3-speed sensitivity control switch for remote reception (DX)
●Six channel selection methods: manually search for station frequency (VF), directly enter frequency number, manually search for pre-stored station (VM), directly enter pre-stored station address number, automatically search for browsing radio frequency and stored radio frequency
●It can search and store up to 2,000 radio frequencies manually, semi-automatically and fully automatic (ATS). 800 of them are stored by band (100 in frequency modulation/medium wave/long wave/Aviation band and 200 in short wave/single sideband), the remaining 1200 frequencies can be randomly classified and stored in 12 pages (12 x 100)
●High-quality and high-sensitivity speakers are used with good tone; High/bass control switches are provided to meet the tone requirements of listening to different programs; Headphones can be used to listen to FM stereo broadcasting.
●The man-machine interface is friendly and easy to operate. It is equipped with a very practical multi-functional digital adjustment knob, which can be used to set the time, adjust the frequency, select the storage page and address, etc.
●Dual timing startup function, you can listen to pre-stored frequency radio programs after starting up
●Smart on/off: you can set automatic shutdown after 1-120 minutes of startup, or cancel the automatic shutdown function.
●Use 4 R6 (No. 5) batteries for power supply; This machine has intelligent charging function
●Special power adapter, external antenna, stereo headset and exquisite protective sleeve are provided at random.
●Physical size: width 188 x height 116 x thickness 31 (mm)

PL-680 basic performance indicators
1. Frequency range/tuning step 76~108 MHz; Intelligent step 0.01MHz/0.1 MHz

● frequency modulation (FM) optional frequency coverage:

Standard: 87~108MHz (applicable to standards of other countries except Japan, Germany and Russia)

Germany: 87.5~108 MHz (88~108 MHz is displayed when setting)

Japan: 76~108 MHz (including some campus broadcasts and domestic 4~5 channel TV sound)

● Short Wave (SW) 1711~29999kHz; Intelligent step 1kHz/5kHz

● medium wave (MW) 522 ~ 1620kHz; Intelligent stepping 1kHz/9kHz (suitable for Asia, Africa and Europe) 520 ~ 1710kHz; Intelligent stepping 1kHz/10kHz (suitable for North America)

● long wave (LW) 100~519kHz; Intelligent step 1kHz/9kHz

● aviation band (AIR)118~137MHz; Intelligent step 1kHz/25kHz

2. Noise limit sensitivity

● frequency modulation (FM)(S/N = 30dB) is better than 3μV

● medium wave (MW)(S/N = 26dB) is better than 1mV

● long wave (LW)(S/N = 26dB) is better than m5mv

● Short Wave (SW)(S/N-26dB) is better than m 20V

● single sideband (SSB)(S/N = 10dB) is better than 1μV

● AIR band (S/N = 10dB) is better than 5V
3. Selectivity (amplitude modulation intermediate frequency bandwidth is set to narrowband)

● frequency modulation (FM) >30 dB(± 200kHz)

● medium and long wave (MW/LW) >40 dB(± 9kHz)

● Short Wave (SW) >40 dB(± 5kHz)
4. Signal-to-noise ratio

● frequency modulation (FM) is better than 60dB

● medium and long wave (MW/LW) is better than 45dB

● Short Wave (SW) is better than 50dB
5. Intermediate frequency

● SSB, AM first intermediate frequency 55.845MHz second intermediate frequency 455kHz

●FM 10.7MHz
6. FM stereo resolution is better than 20dB
7. Output power (distortion 10%)

● speaker> 450MW ● headset> 10MW
8. A total of 2,000 storage memories

Storage by band: 800 in total

● 100 FM

● 100 medium waves (MW)

● 100 long waves (LW)

● 200 short wave (SW)

● single sideband (SSB)200

● 100 AIR bands

Non-band storage: 12 pages, each page can store 100, a total of 1200
9. Wake-up mode radio station noise (2)
10. Static current

● frequency modulation (FM)<50mA

● medium/long wave (MW/LW)<70mA

● Short Wave (SW) <70mA

● single sideband (SSB)<70mA

● AIR Band <70mA

● shutdown standby <80% A

Note: AA batteries are not included in the package.


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