Tuya Smart Socket WiFi UK Plug 3pin Adapter Home Alexa Voice Control With Energy Monitering Timer Function Power Outlet Set

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Tuya Smart Socket WiFi UK Plug 3-Pin Adapter

Introducing the Tuya Smart Socket WiFi UK Plug 3-Pin Adapter, a revolutionary addition to your smart home setup. This innovative device seamlessly integrates with your existing smart home ecosystem, offering convenience, control, and energy monitoring capabilities.

Effortless Control with Alexa Voice Control

With the Tuya Smart Socket, you can enjoy effortless control over your connected devices using Alexa voice commands. Simply pair the socket with your Alexa-enabled device and experience the convenience of hands-free operation. Whether you want to turn on a lamp, activate a fan, or control other electronic appliances, the power is at your command with simple voice prompts.

Energy Monitoring and Timer Function

Gain insight into your energy consumption patterns and take control of your power usage with the energy monitoring feature of the Tuya Smart Socket. Keep track of real-time energy consumption, set usage schedules, and monitor the power consumption of individual devices to make informed decisions about your energy usage. Additionally, the timer function allows you to automate the operation of your devices, helping you save energy and streamline your daily routines.

Designed to fit seamlessly into your home, the Tuya Smart Socket features a sleek and compact design that blends effortlessly with any decor. Its intuitive setup process and user-friendly interface make it easy to integrate into your smart home ecosystem, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of smart technology without any hassle.

Upgrade your home with the Tuya Smart Socket WiFi UK Plug 3-Pin Adapter and experience the convenience, control, and energy efficiency it brings to your daily life.

2A WIFI Smart Socket

With me, let the family know you better and be smarter!!!

Superpower 1:Voice Control

Superpower 2:Mobile APP Remote Control

Superpower 3:Countdown Function

Superpower 4: Power Monitor

Please pay attention to the options “No Power Monitor” and “WITH Power Monitor”.

Only one of the functions is different, the other functions are the same, and the appearance is the same.

Superpower 5:Family Sharing Control Fun

Superpower 6:Power-off Memory Function

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