Tuya WiFi Smart Switch Works With Alexa With/Without Neutral Wire Touch Light Switch Wireless RF433 Wall Remote Voice Control

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Welcome to the future of home automation with the Tuya WiFi Smart Switch. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast or simply looking to make your home more convenient and efficient, this smart switch is the perfect solution. With seamless integration with Alexa, touch control, and wireless RF433 remote, the Tuya WiFi Smart Switch offers unparalleled convenience and control over your home’s lighting.

Effortless Integration with Alexa

With the Tuya WiFi Smart Switch, you can effortlessly integrate your home lighting with Alexa for a hands-free and voice-controlled experience. Whether you’re turning the lights on and off, adjusting the brightness, or setting the perfect ambiance for any occasion, Alexa makes it easier than ever. Simply use voice commands to control your lights, allowing for a seamless and intuitive smart home experience.

Flexible Installation Options

One of the standout features of the Tuya WiFi Smart Switch is its flexibility when it comes to installation. Unlike traditional smart switches, the Tuya switch can be installed with or without a neutral wire, making it suitable for a wide range of home setups. This flexibility ensures that you can enjoy the benefits of smart lighting without the need for extensive rewiring or modifications to your home’s electrical system.

Touch Control and Wireless RF433 Remote

Enjoy the convenience of touch control with the Tuya WiFi Smart Switch. With a simple touch, you can easily turn your lights on or off, adjust the brightness, or activate preset lighting scenes. The intuitive touch interface makes controlling your home lighting a breeze, offering a seamless and modern user experience.

In addition to touch control, the Tuya WiFi Smart Switch also comes with a wireless RF433 remote. This remote provides an alternative way to control your lights, offering added flexibility and convenience. Whether you’re across the room or on a different floor, the wireless RF433 remote ensures that you can always control your home lighting with ease.

Enhanced Convenience and Energy Efficiency

By integrating the Tuya WiFi Smart Switch into your home, you’ll enjoy enhanced convenience and energy efficiency. With the ability to control your lights remotely, you can ensure that energy is not wasted when lights are left on unnecessarily. Additionally, the smart scheduling feature allows you to set timers and schedules for your lights, helping you save energy and create the perfect lighting routine for your lifestyle.

Furthermore, the Tuya WiFi Smart Switch offers compatibility with the Tuya Smart App, allowing you to control your lights from anywhere using your smartphone. Whether you’re at home, at work, or on vacation, you’ll have full control over your home lighting, providing peace of mind and added security.

Seamless and Stylish Design

With its sleek and modern design, the Tuya WiFi Smart Switch seamlessly integrates into any home decor. The minimalist and stylish appearance ensures that the smart switch complements your interior design while adding a touch of sophistication to your living space. The seamless design and touch-sensitive interface make the Tuya switch a standout addition to any room, enhancing both functionality and aesthetics.


The Tuya WiFi Smart Switch is the ultimate solution for anyone looking to upgrade their home with smart lighting. With effortless integration with Alexa, flexible installation options, touch control, wireless RF433 remote, enhanced convenience, and a stylish design, the Tuya switch offers a complete smart home lighting solution. Experience the future of home automation with the Tuya WiFi Smart Switch and elevate your home to a new level of convenience and efficiency.


Working frequency: 433MHZAC

100V-240V 60HZ/50HZ

Wering: single live wire /no neutral wire

maximum. Load current: 10A

Maximum. Power: 0-1000w/total,300W/gang

WiFi Standard: 2.4GHz 802.11 b/g/n

App Name: Tuya /Smart Life

  1. This smart switch can be used with 433mhz RF transmitter. Control range: ≤15M.
  2. The capacitor must be connected to L and N of the L1 lamp, not behind the switch
  3. Bulb Note: L1 does not support fluorescent lamps and energy-saving lamps. If you need to install fluorescent lamps and energy-saving lamps, you can install them in L2/L3/L4. L1 only supports LED lamps and tungsten lamps.
  4. No matter whether the light bulb with dimming function is connected or not, the switch does not have the dimming function. It can only control the lights on and off.
Package Included:


1* manual

1* mounting screw package

【SENSITIVE TOUCH CONTROL】Tempered glass touch screen of this smart switch is sensitive to the touch of control, premium durable glass material provides up to 20 million touch figures through our rigorous testing. It is water-proof,Damp-Proof, Resists Scratches.

【Timed Settings】: Set a schedule or timer to turn the lights on/off at night and in the morning, then when you get home at dusk, you’ll never be back in a dark house. Plus, you can wake up peacefully with a predetermined light every morning.

【Support RF433 control】This smart switch can be used with 433mhz RF transmitter. Control range: ≤15M.

【Support voice speaker control】The switch is compatible with Alexa and Google Home Assistant, allowing you to use the voice control smart switch to turn on/off.

【Share】The control switch can be shared with family members.

【Wi-Fi direct connection】No gateway hub is required, just install it and use it.Directly connect to the Internet, you can control with your mobile phone to realize smart life. (Need 2.4GHZ)

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